The Perfect Breakfast by Lee F, Winnipeg

Hi all. Here is a beautiful breakfast recipe shared by a friend. It was posted as a comment to a post of mine the link is attached herewith.
I took the liberty to share it with other friends of mine.

Thank you Lee


Here is the breakfast that I make nearly every morning: Hard boiled eggs, oatmeal and tea. Feel free to add it to your website as a recipe! I never measure my ingredients since I just woke up and cannot do math that early in the morning! Also, my amounts depend on how many people I am feeding that morning.

Fill your tea kettle with cold water and put in a few raw eggs. Set up the kettle and turn it on. While the eggs and water are heating from ice cold to boiling, take oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt and mix them all in a bowl. I use the same cereal sized bowl to cook it in as I do to eat it. I have also tried dried fruit, honey, nutmeg, apples, bananas, etc. Be creative! Prep your teacup with a tea bag. Once your kettle and eggs have come to a full boil and the kettle has clicked itself off, pour your cup of tea and add the boiling water to the oatmeal mix. Just make sure that your water is still above the eggs by at least 2cm. Set your timer for the eggs which are still in the hot water in the kettle after it has clicked off. 4min for runny eggs, 7min for medium, 10min for hard cooked. After my timer has buzzed, I then dump the remaining hot water off, fill the tea kettle with cold water to cover the eggs for a few minutes to stop the cooking. By the time the eggs are cooked and cooled the oatmeal is ready and the tea has steeped. Also, because my tea kettle shuts itself off automatically, I am able to go about my morning routine and I simply keep an ear out for the click of the kettle turning off.

I use a mix of quick oats and regular oats at about 50/50. This makes for a creamy oatmeal with a bit of texture to it- kind of like a breakfast oat risotto.

All the best,
Lee F. from Winnipeg Mb. Canada